Woven polyester strapping is made on a textile loom by intersecting the longitudinal polyester threads, the warp, i.e. "that which is thrown across," with the transverse polyester threads, the woof or weft, i.e. "that which is woven." Once the strap is woven, it goes through a dying and drying process. The dye process adds color and/or custom labeling to the once-white yarn, and the drying process gives our strap its elasticity and memory.

  • Can be printed with your company name or logo
  • Coil weighs 1/4 the weight of steel strap coils
  • Reduced failure rate compared to steel strap
  • Ease of disposal
  • Will not rust, stain or damage product
  • No sharp edges to cut employees or tires

Kubinec Strapping Solutions Woven Cord Strapping

Features & Benefits

  • Can be cut while under tension without the possibility of recoil injury
  • Has natural shock absorption providing the ability to move without breaking
  • Strap stays tight and does not loosen
  • Ability to retension strap and reuse strap
  • Polyester strap contracts or expands with loads

Kubinec Strapping Solutions offers a superior, safer alternative. Our high-tenacity woven polyester strapping, coupled with our maximum joint-efficiency buckle, is specifically designed for load containment applications. This system is tested and proven to dramatically reduce the potential for product damage and personal injury, with their associated costs. It will ultimately replace steel banding as an industry standard.